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What drives us to impact learning.


Our mission


Our mission is to help everyone learn new words for use and understanding in everyday life. Our goal is to educate through meaningful methods adopting the best technology and social media has to offer. Get ready for a Revolution!

Our Philosophy


Education and Learning should not be forced but rather natural and seamless. Concepts and ideas should have meaningful context that is relevant and beneficial. We believe that Phocabulary solves this very problem with learning challenging vocabulary. Traditional methods of word memory and retention are boring and ineffective. We believe we can change that by using the amazing web and social media coupled with popular ideas all infuse in a photo to spark memory association. Some photos may be funny, others are witty, few are provoking, plus everything in between to make a memorable impression for you to simply know the words and retain for use in everyday life. Whether to study for tests or pure exploration, words represent profound ideas and should be shared. We work hard to Inform and educate everyone on popular and relevant words with rich meaning in life.

So what is Phocabulary?


GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, PCAT, NCLEX, TOEFL photo + vocabulary word with its definition, synonyms, antonyms, and an image that guarantees retention. 11000+ words compiled from test prep books, newspaper, articles, TV shows, movies, music, and magazines. Photos are witty, comical, catchy, funny, descriptive, and socially relevant to help drill in tough words. Great for students looking to improve scores on critical exams. Must have for anyone wanting to expand their vocabulary and expressions. These words are being used everyday and we want to capture that. Check it out and let us know what you think. Promise you will remember these words during those crucial moments!

Why we Do It


Hi, my name is Tom and I am one of the creator of Phocabulary. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my reasons for making the app and how I'd like to see it change the world. I hope that everyone gets a chance to check it out and let me know how to make it better.

As an immigrant learning English 21 years ago, I understand first hand how difficult it is to learn words. Although I was an excellent student, verbal was not my strongest suit. It has taken me years to perfect my English. It is still a learning process for me. During high school, I found it extremely tough to learn SAT words to prepare for the test. What I do recall is using verbal flashcards to study for complex words was both fun and helpful. It just struck me one day. Let's create a dynamic and organic system to explore this further. This is precisely what I had set out to do with Phocabulary. The app works hard in the background to match a Word with a Photo that is descriptive of the meaning. The main purpose is to enhance learning by association, whatever that is. The photos can be funny, scary, weird, and even disgusting. The hope is to condition you to learn the word with a strong psychological reaction much like a person remembering crucial moments in their life like getting married or suffering an accident.

Another inspiration comes from my fascination with words and meanings as I get older. You can say Phocabulary is much like a photo dictionary. It is absolutely fulfilling to express yourself with language that precisely transfers your thoughts. To say what you mean exactly the way you want it. This can only be possible with the more words you know. I often find myself refreshing words with the app to fine tune my vocabulary everyday as I go out to talk to people. It's like a brain work out that brings you mental agility and happiness.

It has been a joy to work on the app. I learned new words while testing and making the app. I hope that everyone gets a chance to check it out. I sincerely hope that each and every person leave the app with a new word. This would be a dream come true.

I am hard at work on an iPad and Android version. After that, I'm thinking about making a kids version and a Spanish version to help learn a foreign language. The task is daunting but it's too important not to share with the world.

Please feel free to email comments and questions.

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